• Artist Residency

    Since September 1, 2015 I have been in Dumbo, Brooklyn at AICAD/NYSRP. I have been working on a new body of work I am calling "mothe fuckr." The misspelling is intentional to help it seem less aggressive. The body of work is still in progress. These works are mostly life sized oil paintings with altars that are created for each specific piece. These paintings are of women I know, which is a change from my practice working mostly from imagination. There is an installation with my drawings that acts as a place to sit and contemplate like you would in church. The paintings and drawings are very certain but the title is still unresolved. I am in question with the title because these paintings are for the community who I hope reflects on them in a positive way. I also hope that the series continues to weave in and out my life with less known models but who fit the description of who a real "mothe fuckr" looks like.

    My residency ends this month of December and I am thankful for the visitors I have had - William Powhida, Alan Lupiani, Jennifer Dalton, and Paddy Johnson. Also, a great list of artists who shared a couple of hours of their time to share their work. This has been a great experience but not without a struggle...

  • Recent Art Statement

    An Artist sacrifices their life to be with the World.

    Painting and drawing are my tools to connect to the world around me. It's finding that one thing to say that can make a difference. My education focused on art history and studying anatomy and painting the still life. This process gave me a great understanding of color and form. Working with fruit helped me to understand that one angle or curve can determine if the pear was going to fall right off the table. Also, I found the pear to be the closest thing to the human form being hard and soft like muscle and bone. And in my “off” hours I always found myself drawing faces of nameless people, which that one angle or curve can express the happiness or intensity of an emotion. My character(s) became very relatable, like that unknown person who you can find in a coffee shop any where in the world.

    In my most recent works I am more aware of how my ideas and gestures may distort a situation. When using color and patterns I give those pieces a balance that can be pleasing at first glance, like a "trick." My work involves layers and layers of materials and ideas. In paint the layers involve thin coats of color using palette knives and a glossy medium until I think I can feel the temperature of the skin. And with my works on paper there are layers and layers of ink and glitter, which makes the paper seem wet. There is a subconscious reality where I don’t know what is going to happen next; it feels a lot like magic.


    "I'm fortunate to have amazing artist friends whose creations unfortunately remain mostly hidden. The rigors of work, motherhood, shyness, lack of self-aggrandizement, and general survival often closet their creative endeavors even if they motivate that same art. Debauched is our theme for its what we've become. Please join me at our show." -Quincy Tran

    May 19th, Tuesday, 6PM
    King's Cross Bar
    356 Bowery Bet 4th St & Great Jones (3rd St), New York, New York

  • As of now

    As of now I am working on new paintings. Specifically, another Mother and Child painting which is 77 x 42" and will be on view at the 3 person show Transmutation. It amazes me how Mother and Child are still such a strong subject for me - there really are endless amounts of images for this subject since that is what most of us are - a Mother and/or a Child. There are also many levels of this subject - some personal and most are not. The beginning paintings of this series were mostly personal until I found my story related to others and then their stories took over… Now I realize how much Madonna and Child have influenced my thoughts more than composition but am thinking I will explore the more iconic images very soon. I will post new images on my site soon and hope there is an interest since I think my subject is your subject and effects a time in our lives when most needed...

  • Transmutation

    Opening Reception: Thursday, May 8, 6-10pm
    Show is open to the public: May 9 & 10, 12-7pm

    Works by me, Linda Serrone Rolon, Bryan Christie, & Alkan Nallbani
    at 67 Greene Street, 3rd Floor walk up, SoHo, NYC 10012

  • Recovery

    Currently I have a painting in the Coming Together: Suriving Sandy, Year 1 show curated by Phong Bui and in support of the Dedalus Foundation. My painting, "Homage to Cezanne, for Flam" is on the 6th floor and will be up until Sunday, December 15, 2013.

    This show is an amazing, uplifting experience put together one year later after Hurricane Sandy hit NYC. There are over 300 artists involved and every weekend there are inspiring events, which dedicate to our recovery of our hearts and minds. Recently I was part of a panel discussing recovery hosted by INNCA and may begin a blog with INNCA in hope to communicate how I am surviving and moving forth.

  • Presently, my studio and I are still in recovery from Hurricane Sandy while I continue to work on 6 important works on paper and the smart rebuild of my studio.